Japan Trip 2016: Day 7 Highlights

Do you like queuing? Visit the Sky Tree!
  1. I made it to the Sky Tree!
    It sure is tall.
  2. The queue for tickets was an hour long
    I was very grateful for my pocket wifi and for all those lists you guys wrote while I was asleep.
  3. The staff uniforms are so cool
    Designed by Mina Perhonen. More uniforms should include a jaunty patterned scarf.
  4. The view was pretty amazing
    You can just see Tokyo Tower there, feeling sorry for itself.
  5. Casting a shadow over the train station
  6. There's also a glass floor
  7. The queue to leave was massive so I had Sky Tree curry
    Plus you get a window seat!
  8. I braved the enormous mall so I could buy lots of cute things at Aranzi Aronzo
  9. Also bought Rilakkuma Sky Tree gifts for everyone
  10. Picked up more cute donuts at the Pon de Lion Park on my way home.
    They went all out on the decor.
  11. Successfully did my laundry with minimal instructions
    Step 2 was "select a program". There were 5 buttons all with multiple options 🤔 Google Translate was not helpful but I chose randomly and received clean clothes!
  12. Saw another pretty sunset
  13. Tomorrow is my last day in Tokyo for a while as I'm off to see some more of Japan 🗾