🚅 Rail Pass week begins!
  1. Got up early and took the Shinkansen to Kobe
    No sign of Mt Fuji sadly. It was very hazy.
  2. Discovered all the coin lockers were out of action for a week because of "security" (presumably due to Obama's upcoming visit) so I had to cancel my plan to go up the ropeway to see the herb garden.
    Booooo! I just looked at Kobe out of a window while waiting for the next train
  3. Arrived in Hiroshima and got the tram to my hotel
    I love cities with trams. I forgot to take any photos myself
  4. Except Google maps had the wrong location and my hotel was two stops further 😩
    It was also ridiculously hot
  5. Spent the afternoon at the Peace Park
    It's very affecting. Taking photos feels a bit wrong.
  6. The museum was horrifying
    At home, I live next to the UK nuclear submarine base and I wish all the people who vote to keep it could be teleported here.
  7. I cheered myself up with mango gelato
  8. Wandered back through the shopping arcade
  9. The cafe at Tokyu Hands was cute so I decided to stay for dinner
    I've never had taco rice before. It was really good!
  10. I also found a different set of Neko Atsume gashapon figurines
    But it was almost empty and I didn't get Sassy Fran or Guy Furry. I hope I see another one.
  11. Miyajima tomorrow ⛩