By popular demand, it exists! cc: @lexie_elyse @readjulia @amieshmamie @macnchz
  1. If you are on Goodreads please join so we can all be friends and recommend books etc.
  2. You should be able to join via this link:
  3. If not, leave your username below and I'll add you
  4. Please also shout if you're willing to be a moderator
    Merely requires being active on Goodreads enough to approve new members
  5. Hurray, books!
  6. Also I set this up quickly - happy to discuss a better name/description etc.
  7. Also also I am going to bed now so will add you in the morning 😴
  8. I'm pretty sure my name on Goodreads is Amie Berryhill!
    I'll be a moderator! : )
    Suggested by @amieshmamie
  9. Thanks everyone who's joined up!I'm friending you all but don't feel like you have to accept 🙂
  10. Bump bump for anyone catching up after Christmas
    Come join us! If you know any more li.sters on GR tag them!
  11. We have 27 members and I've already spotted some more books for my wish list so 👍
  12. Maybe we can use this more? Come join us!
  13. Yes, please! The general bookiness of you listers was one of my very favorite things!
    Suggested by @readjulia