Why do I get summoned so often?! No one else in my family has even been once.
  1. 2005: Glasgow High Court
    The high court is for major stuff like murder. The Glasgow court is really old and fancy and we got a super interesting introduction by a court official who explained how everything worked. The jury was picked by numbers out of a bag but I wasn't one of them so that was it.
  2. 2006: Glasgow High Court
    I was going to be in Japan so I got excused. That just means you will definitely be picked again soon though.
  3. 2007: Glasgow High Court
    You have to phone up every evening for instructions but I was never required to even go to court 👍
  4. 2012: Glasgow Sheriff Court
    Yes, we have sheriffs in Scotland. Also a Procurator Fiscal and a unique Not Proven verdict. The Glasgow sheriff court is a brutalist concrete block with 70s decor. I spent two mornings sitting in court reading a book and occasionally being shuffled outside while lawyers discussed things. We were then told the trial would likely take 8 weeks (!) and I was able to get excused for being self employed.
  5. 2016: Dumbarton Sheriff Court
    Oh great, a half hour bus ride away and during my busiest time of year. I wasn't required the first two days but had to go in this morning. We sat around for a while then went into court where the lawyers and judge did their stuff and then the accused changed his plea to guilty and we all got to go home. My favourite part is the judge's little speech thanking everyone for doing our duty. You're welcome, but leave me alone now!