Guess who just got her new DVD. Ranking by song would almost be opposite.
  1. Mottai Night Land
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    Completely bonkers from start to finish. My top 3 bits - Kyary dressed as a dog, the anime interlude, hat made of pink plastic toys.
  2. Yume no Hajima Ring Ring
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    So sad with Kyary saying goodbye to all her past personas. Plus polar bear hugging.
  3. Candy Candy
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    One of my favourite Kyary outfits. Also the onion monster.
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    Still looks like nothing else.
  5. Fashion Monster
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    Bat hair, guitar with telephone attachment, clawing hands dance routine - what's not to like.
  6. Crazy Party Night
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    Excellently Halloweeny
  7. Family Party
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    Robots! The game they play always makes me think of Kosho in The Prisoner.
  8. Mondai Girl
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    This one seems very personal, like Kyary had a lot of input. Her monster boyfriend is cute too.
  9. Kyary ANAN
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    This is distilled essence of Kyary. Put her in a wig, focus in tight and get her to make faces and do model poses for 3 minutes.
  10. Cherry Bon Bon
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    Kyary prancing around in 100 layers of fluffy nightgowns is one thing. Turning her into a cherry with a super cute cherry stalk hat is perfect.
  11. Tsukema Tsukeru
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    I always find this video a little disappointing, but it does look amazing.
  12. Furisodation
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    The dance routine is mesmerisingly complicated. Kyary's drunk acting is hilarious too.
  13. Invader Invader
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    Great dance routine. Otherwise kind of samey.
  14. Kira Kira Killer
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    A bigger budget version of Ninja Re Bang Bang
  15. Ninja Re Bang Bang
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    Looks like it cost about £20