Let me show you my book-themed hotel room 📚

I stayed at Hotel Indigo in Edinburgh and it was so cool!
  1. The hotel walls are covered in portraits of creative Scots
  2. Even the room numbers are made of books
  3. Wall of books
  4. Close up
    The spines have been chopped off to an inch and then glued together. Generally I am against destroying old books but these are ugly editions of mostly public domain works that used to clog up charity shops.
  5. The lamps are made of old typewriters!
    And the furniture from old reference drawers. These did not open, which was a little disappointing.
  6. Writing desk
  7. Yes, that's a working olde tyme telephone.
    But with buttons not a rotary dial
  8. Not book-themed but I loved this little hinged torch by the bed.
  9. All the rooms are decorated in the same style but maybe named for different writers?
    (This is a table if not obvious)
  10. I was impressed with all the free snacks
  11. More free snacks!
  12. View from the window
    That is the main train station literally across the road - such a great location.
  13. I definitely recommend it. It's pretty good value for a nice hotel and also has a huge fancy bathroom with Aveda toiletries and good, though expensive, breakfast. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟