I forgot about this one. Partly inspired by @andersun's list END OF THE WORLD SCENARIOS, RANKED but these are obviously survivable ones
  1. The end of li.st - 90%
    I'm cautiously optimistic that I won't actually die when this ends, but I can't be certain.
  2. Return of the dinosaurs - 80%
    Chances are I would be in my 100+ year old home, upstairs with narrow doorways. I could lock myself in the bathroom with my hoard of weird Japanese candy until they moved on to the nearby national parks.
  3. New ice age - 80%
    Is this really much different from Scotland in winter? If I could get to my dad he'd keep us all alive.
  4. Rise of the robots - 60%
    I would welcome my new overlords and have a publicly searchable record of my love for robots so logically they should let me live.
  5. Pandemic - 50%
    As a total loner, there's a decent chance I would avoid infection until a cure was found. Unless I was with my family who catch everything going.
  6. Zombies - 10%
    I don't think the dinosaur plan would work here and I'm too pathetic to fight or run.
  7. Nuclear war - 1%
    I live next to the UK's nuclear submarine base, my parents live next to a major Air Force base, my sister lives in London. Unless I happen to be on holiday in Antarctica or something, it's looking grim.
  8. What am I missing? Make a suggestion and I will consider my chances.
    This is so morbid 🙃
  9. The AI Singularity?
    Suggested by @andersun
  10. AI singularity - 10%
    Tough one @andersun! No one really knows, do they? I'd be pessimistic about my chances. My income is 100% connected to the internet and I don't have many useful skills for any parts of society that would survive.