I run the Super Cute Kawaii blog and often get sent crazy Japanese candy to review. Here's one of the kits I made this weekend.
  1. Here's the kit I'm making.
  2. This is what's inside
  3. These are all the instructions I have, plus some diagrams on the packaging. You can look up videos but I like to try and figure it out myself for added amusement.
  4. The candy is like polymer clay but sticky. You just press it into the tray.
  5. And then carefully push out the pieces. This kit has a planet, shooting star, robot and dolphin!
  6. You get primary coloured sugar powder which you mix with water to create any colours you like.
  7. The water measure and stirrers are part of the plastic tray and you just cut them off - clever!
  8. They are kind of hard to use though. It's basically like flooding icing into each area but with a bendy plastic toothpick.
  9. All done! Quite proud of that robot tbh 🤖
  10. How do they taste? As with 99% of these kits, like sugary bubblegum. They're always more fun to make than eat.
  11. This is by far my most successful attempt at a candy kit! Usually they turn out an embarrassing mess, but that's another list.
  12. If you want to try some of these kits, check out, or There's lots more reviews at too.