Inspired by @bookishclaire. I'm not going anywhere, but if you are please do keep in touch. Or if you just want MORE ME ALL THE TIME YAY
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    I already post 3-4 times a week about biz stuff, crafts, travel, Japan and other randomness. I may be blogging more instead of listing if the lack of drafts proves to be an issue for me with longer posts, as I suspect it will.
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    Pretty pictures! Mostly my art/business/crafts but also personal stuff, travels etc.
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    I don’t tweet as much as I used to (because but do follow if you like hearing about the weather, what I did or didn't get in the post and the contents of my inbox.
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    If you want to buy my stuff or just follow me as a person so you can see what products/shops I like and buy things that I wanted to buy how dare you.
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    One of my actual jobs is founder/editor here. If you like all the cute stuff I post then this is cute stuff every day at 2pm UK time. Plus giveaways! (There’s a really good one happening next week)
  8. This is all still accurate
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