Memorable Cinema Experiences

You guys really say movie theater?
  1. 2046
    I watched this on a snowy winter evening in my hat, coat and mittens as the cinema heating was broken. It kind of made the film feel even more futuristic and surreal.
  2. The Day After Tomorrow
    About half way through, a older guy stood up, loudly stated THIS IS APPALLING and walked out. He wasn't wrong but I'm sad he missed the most hilariously unbelievable scene where the Scottish weather station guys solemnly toast "to England" before freezing to death.
  3. My Neighbour Totoro
    I went to see this purely because of the picture in the brochure and was utterly charmed. I went home and spent a week bidding on Japanese DVDs on eBay and thus my Ghibli fever was born. I've seen almost every Ghibli film at the cinema, and always undubbed.
  4. The Fox and the Hound
    I have not yet recovered from this. Thanks, parents.
  5. The Force Awakens
    I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan and went on opening day having somehow managed to avoid all knowledge of the new characters and returning actors. It was an amazing atmosphere and I completely teared up at the first note of the opening fanfare 😭
  6. Star Trek 1-7
    I still don't know what possessed us to go to an all day Star Trek marathon. I'd never seen any of the films before so it was quite an experience. We stuck it out until the end too, though it really did go on all day.