Mugs I own and their roles in life

I was going to write some sappy list about for my 💯 but here's some mugs instead.
  1. Cat from Daiso
    My new favourite coffee mug. For some reason, I can only make a good cup of coffee in a small mug.
  2. 2016 calendar mug designed by me
    Breakfast cup of tea. It's bigger than most of my other mugs.
  3. Titanic by Tee and Toast
    All-rounder. I bought this on my Belfast trip and it reminds me that I must go back soon.
  4. Tulips by Sagaform
    For peppermint tea and sencha. I mostly bought this for the matching tin but I use it quite a lot.
  5. Teacake by Tee and Toast
    Backup mug if I haven't done the washing up. Also my dad's mug when he visits.
  6. White melamine mug from IKEA
    My old favourite coffee mug. Boring but the correct size.
  7. Paperchase
    More like a bowl really. I sometimes have soup in it.
  8. The main reason I bought it!
  9. Hagel
    My sister's mug when she visits. Best thing about visiting Dutch family: chocolate sprinkles on toast is an acceptable breakfast.
  10. Suske en Wiske
    My mum's mug. She left it here for her to use.
  11. Polka dot mug from Habitat
    My dad's partner's mug when she visits. I miss Habitat 🙁
  12. Coffee cups stolen from my art school canteen
    Used to be my favourite coffee cups. Now only used when I need to chug a cup of super strength caffeinated coffee to kill a migraine.
  13. Lucky & Happiness cups
    I used to only use these for new year plum wine but now they sit on my mantelpiece stuffed with pom-poms. Because why the hell not.
  14. Bunny mug from Usagito Cafe
    Just around to look cute. I'm too scared to use it!
  15. Vintage coffee cups
    Just looking pretty on my windowsill 🌺
  16. Planning-inc
    I bought this in a charity shop in London for 10p. I don't know why I like it so much. It says planning-inc on the back.
  17. Chocomel
    More Dutch nostalgia. No one uses this. It even still had newsprint smudges from moving house over 2 years ago.
  18. This glorious thing
    My aunts made these for my Oma and Opa's anniversary one year. This is all their grandchildren (I'm at the bottom left). I keep pens in it.