As a shop owner I'm not really a fan of Black Friday but I definitely find myself holding off on Christmas shopping and big purchases. Here's what I'm looking out for - what about you?
  1. Uniqlo HEATTECH
    I was dubious but this stuff really works and I need more! They're already on offer today so I snapped some up. ✔️
  2. Nintendo New 3DS
    Mine is really old and the touchscreen is erratic and I want to try these new amiibo features in Animal Crossing. Probably getting an XL because I'm old but then again, changeable cover plates 🤔
  3. Comforter
    I always assumed comforter was just an American word for duvet but now I get it! This is just what I need for the sofa to stop borrowing the spare room duvet on cold evenings. Hoping for a good Society6 deal so I can get my own space design.
  4. Everything I've been bookmarking on Etsy for gifts
    I'll still buy them even if there's no discount but it really helps with our crazy customs duty threshold.
  5. A bigger TV?
    My TV is hilariously tiny because I didn't think I would watch it much. Ha ha. However, I did some initial research on Amazon and already can't deal with how many options there are so I probably won't get one unless I impulse buy something.