My favourite art supplies 🎨

Stuff I use a lot
  1. Pentel sign pens
    For general writing. So happy to finally have the full set of colours 🌈
  2. Favourite pens and pencils
    L-R: drawing pen, adorable Sumikko Gurashi mechanical pencil (mostly for photos), Rilakkuma pencil, pop-up Sharpie
  3. Coloured pencils - mostly Durer, sorry Caran D'ache
    Pencil sharpeners are for losers - a knife is much better.
  4. Rubbers
    I bought the putty rubber recently and had forgotten how totally amazing they are.
  5. Tools
    Those were my mum's sewing scissors until us kids ruined them with paper but they've had a long life. My Stanley knife from art school. Life-changing paper folder - I need to buy a sturdier one.
  6. Glue
    That Gutermann glue is my secret weapon - it's better than any superglue. Pritt Stick for paper crafts and my lifelong favourite Marvin Medium (best glue name ever)
  7. Tape
    Double sided, Magic, Deco, Washi
  8. Metal ruler
    I have no idea where I got this but it's perfect.
  9. Watercolours
    My dad bought me these when I went to college age 16 and they're still going strong.
  10. Kuretake paints
    These are the most beautiful paints! They're like a cross between watercolour and gouache and come in the best colours including metallics. My dad got me these too, for Christmas.
  11. Paint brushes
    Cheap ones because I don't look after them very well.