My Favourite Christmas Presents

I got so much cool stuff 🎁❤
  1. Ridiculously tiny King Bunny of the Cake
    It was so hard to balance it for this photo! I accidentally breathed on it and it all collapsed.
  2. Miffy mug
    In daily use since Christmas Day
  3. Grumpy Rabi-Dango
  4. Handmade felt coasters
    Definitely too pretty to use
  5. Tiny Pikachu DS charm
  6. Noodle bowl
  7. Mini light box
    It'll be cute on my stall
  8. UK map print (and stickers)
    By my friend Deth. It was on my wish list and he just sent it to me!
  9. Elephant cutlery drainer
    You unplug his trunk to drain the water!
  10. Books!
  11. And everyone got me socks!
    New socks are the best
  12. I forgot about my pink kitty trinket dish!
    Because it was already on my dressing table 💖