My Favourite Non-Art Museums

Kind of ranked. Photos by me. As open-requested by @bjnovak a while ago.
  1. Ghibli Museum (Tokyo, Japan)
    A custom designed building that's an absolute delight with so many unexpected and hidden features to discover. The Totoro zoetrope is so cool plus there's exclusive short films in the cinema, a giant Laputa robot on the roof, a giant plush catbus to play on and an extra ticket booth staffed by Totoro himself.
  2. National Railway Museum (York, England)
    Amazing. It has lots of actual famous trains (the Flying Scotsman was in for repairs when I visited) and all the super fancy old royal carriages. Best of all is the tour of the warehouse which is jam packed with fascinating objects and the guide will show you their favourite things and tell you the stories behind them.
  3. Parasite Museum (Tokyo, Japan)
    Full of disgusting things in jars and an 8.8 metre human tapeworm 😷 The gift shop is something else too.
  4. National Museum of Scotland (Edinburgh)
    It has a bit of everything, from unique historical objects to Dolly the first cloned sheep, so it's always worth popping in. Also free!
  5. Science Museum (London, England)
    Space nerd joy. They even have the Apollo 10 command module and hosted this thing of wonder: AMAZING THINGS I SAW AT THE COSMONAUTS EXHIBITION
  6. Hergé Museum (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)
    Me and my sister were brought up on Tintin comics so it was fun to bring my mum here. It covers Herge's whole life with tons of original drawings and some super cool models of iconic things from the books.
  7. Museum of Scottish Lighthouses (Fraserburgh, Scotland)
    You get to climb up a lighthouse right to the top. It was a bit scary but you get a great view.
  8. Windmill Museum (Zaandam, Netherlands)
    Because it has a bust of my great great grandfather! He owned a series of windmills to grind cocoa powder to make chocolate. This is me outside 'our' windmill Het Pink, which is now a working museum 😊