My journey to Iona

Iona is only 68 miles away but you have to go the long way around.
  1. 8:20 - walk to the station
    It's a lovely day!
  2. The secondary station is quite a walk up a steep hill all the way 😪
    This is one of the main roads out of town
  3. 8:40 - At Helensburgh Upper
    Only one track. I feel like a steam train will come chugging up.
  4. 9:10 - on the train
    You can see why I moved to this area
  5. The scenery is unbelievable
    Look up Loch Awe. I was too busy going 😳 to take a photo.
  6. 10:14 - Crianlarich
    The train divides here and the other half goes to Mallaig for Skye
  7. 11:30 - Oban
    Looking stunning in the sunshine. I really should visit more often.
  8. Just time to grab a sandwich and get on one of these
  9. 12:30 - ferry to the Isle of Mull
    Duart Castle there. It was a very smooth sailing.
  10. 13:30 - bus to Fionnphort
    Yes I did look up the pronunciation so the bus driver wouldn't laugh at me (it's fin-a-fort)
  11. 14:40 - Fionnphort
    Getting wilder
  12. 15:00 - Iona!
    It's so beautiful here. The ferry rolled around like a rollercoaster but we made it.
  13. It's now pouring rain and blowing a gale so I may be here some time.