I started Asking For Trouble back in 2007 when I got diagnosed with RSI and it's still the most fun part of my life. Here's the most memorable product from each year.
  1. 2007 - Japanese fabric purses
    I hand-stitched every one including piping around the edges. Some were on display at the National Museum of Scotland one Christmas!
  2. 2008 - I Love Buttons bag
    Who else has a huge collection of vintage buttons? I drew my favourites and used my Japanese gocco printer to make these bags.
  3. 2009 - Book Hearts
    Metal bookmarks decorated with washi paper. People went mad for these. I sold kits and everything.
  4. 2010 - Sew Cute rain boots
    The most surreal part of my career - being asked to design some signature rain boots! Like literally, they have my name all over the lining. You can still get these from Plueys.
  5. 2011 - 5 Year Diary
    Standard 5 year diaries are really boring so I designed my own. I've been filling mine in for just over 5 years now and it's so fun seeing what I was doing on the same day years ago. This reminds me I need to design the 2017 edition soon...
  6. 2012 - Look Around
    Not a product but a set of characters. They changed my business and gave me a recognisable style. Simplifying things into circles is so fun to do. The coin purses are a collaboration with my mum!
  7. 2013 - Little Ghost brooch
    I made these on a whim and they're now one of my best sellers. I've made a few seasonal variations including glitter, cotton candy and glow in the dark 👻
  8. 2014 - Meal Planner & Shopping List magnetic notepads
    These are my bread and butter at the moment. Useful and cute! It's funny thinking of all the fridges they're decorating around the world.
  9. 2015 - Gift Wrap
    Wrapping paper takes up so much space! I love designing repeat patterns though.
  10. 2016 - Mt Fuji enamel pin
    I finally jumped on the bandwagon this month with my first enamel pin and I've already ordered another design. Getting my characters to work in new formats keeps things interesting.
  11. I'm so glad I've been blogging the entire time so I can look back on it all.
    I need to think of something exciting to do for my tenth anniversary.
  12. 🎉🌟🎉🌟🎉🌟🎉🌟🎉
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