My favourite thing about emoji is how they mean slightly different things to different people. So here's what I'm really saying.
  1. 😊
    I'm happy but I don't want to be dramatic about it.
  2. 😬
    I should be embarrassed about this but I'm kind of not
  3. 🙃
    My life is so weird
  4. 🙄
    I am literally doing this with my actual face.
  5. 🤔
  6. 😭
    Why are people being so nice to me?! I can't deal with it.
  7. ❤️
    This made me a bit emotional
  8. 😍
    This is super cute and/or beautiful and I have lost the ability to use words.
  9. 😻
    This is super cute and/or beautiful and also involves cats.
  10. 💖
    This promotional caption is too boring and needs something sparkly and cute.
  11. 👋
    I'm saying hello but also I don't really know you and I'm feeling a bit awkward.
  12. 💌
    I am sending you something in the mail.
  13. 👻
    I really really like Halloween
  14. 🐰
    I really really like bunnies
  15. 🚀
    I really really like space / I am annoyed there isn't a planet emoji and I'm making do.
  16. ☃️