I can't resist this stuff, especially food with faces.
  1. Oooew Bunny
    His face is stuck on 'constantly surprised'.
  2. Weed wearing a tiny hat
    Sumikko Gurashi is some of San-X's most bonkers work, and that's saying something.
  3. Broken Bone
    Why is it so happy?
  4. Pirate Bunny
    I have a personal thank you note from Pirate Bunny, for working on his website.
  5. Giant Carrot
    This is supposed to be a wrist rest. How would you ever get any work done?
  6. Onigiri
    Pillow sized and one of my most prized possessions.
  7. Takoyaki Tofu
    This doesn't even make any sense. How can you have an octopus dumpling tofu?
  8. Cylindrical Panda
    I love plush that can be justified as a cushion.
  9. Bumblebee Meowchi
    It has wings and a stinger!
  10. Bread Slice
    This character is friends with a panda that loves eating bread and constantly drools all over it. Death wish much?
  11. Reversible Pikachu
    Turn it inside out and it's a pokeball!
  12. Pear
    From Lucy Sparrow's felt corner shop
  13. Mamegoma Bunny
    It's a seal in a fluffy pink bunny outfit
  14. Onsenmanjukun
    A happy dumpling at the onsen bath. Obviously.
  15. Seed Panda
    Who knew pandas grow from seeds?
  16. Bear Lollipop
    Halloween themed!
  17. Submarine Cat
    Too cute to remove from the packaging. I got my sister a bomb bunny.
  18. Happy Cookie
    Just cute
  19. Christmas 'Chu
    My favourite thing about Christmas
  20. This thing
    I often think about sewing on a mouth, but what expression would it have.