Top tip! Bring or buy a blank notebook with good quality paper and keep your eyes open for these big rubber stamps at tourist attractions, railway stations and more.
  1. Parasite Museum
    Exactly what you'd expect from a museum containing an 8 METRE TAPEWORM
  2. Meiji Shrine gardens
  3. Shinjuku Gyoen
  4. Ueno Zoo
    Featuring Ling Ling (RIP)
  5. Harajuku Station
    The station ones are the hardest to find because of all the exits. Keep looking for the big poster showing all the stamps.
  6. Nippori Station
  7. Hamamatsucho Station
  8. Tokyo Sea Life Park
    Some even change the date every day!
  9. Tokyo Sea Life Park
  10. Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
    They have two whale sharks
  11. Sunshine City
    This must be the aquarium, though it was in the observatory.
  12. Sunshine City
  13. Metropolitan Government building
    Free observatory!
  14. Tama Depa
    The Tamagotchi Department store
  15. Tama Depa
    More Tamagotchis. This is for their tie-in with Japan Airlines!