My type drawer of tiny things

Inspired by @DawnCloud's cool list LI.ST SCAVENGER HUNT #1
  1. I've been collecting tiny things to display in my old type drawer for a few years now
  2. It's a mix of things from my travels, things I've made and gifts from my friends
  3. I've pretty much filled it up but I'm still adding new things.
  4. Anyway, here are a few favourites, ordered by tinyness
    I was stuck for a universal size guide but everyone has seen a dice, right? 🎲
  5. Tiny record player
    With tiny records. 'Hit Song'! My favourite!
  6. Tiny cardboard box
    This has a random item of dog shaped furniture inside but I've never opened it! The anticipation is everything.
  7. Tiny bowl of ramen
    I believe this is also an eraser
  8. Tiny post box
    In case I need to send a tiny letter
  9. Tiny panda pot and oven glove
    I wish these were full size
  10. Tiny Rilakkuma honey bear bottle
    We don't even get regular honey bears in the UK
  11. Tiny Pikachu Nanoblock
    It came in a tiny pokeball
  12. Tiny steamer of bunny dumplings
    I want to eat these
  13. Tiny cottage and tiny sheep
    I enjoy displaying these together. GIANT SHEEP ATTACK
  14. Tiny Hello Kitty on a Tokyo community bus
    There is literally a Hello Kitty souvenir charm for everything imaginable
  15. Tiny bunny trapped in a glass house
    The text says HELP ME (possibly)
  16. Tiny Qoo bottle and Suntory juice can
    You can buy real ones in Japan
  17. Tiny canister of lighter fluid
  18. It was part of this amazing onigiri grill set
    If you like tiny things, Google Rement and cry actual tears
  19. Tiny erasers
    Jinbe San and Sumikko Gurashi
  20. Tiny shells
    From Whitehills up north
  21. Tiny hand-sculpted pin head
    I bought this at Design Festa. I think it's probably mochi but I like to think it's a snowman with an apple on his head
  22. This ridiculously teeny weeny panda