Oban Holiday Views

I was in Oban for a week with my family and we had the best time. So many amazing views so close to home.
  1. Oban harbour
    The first evening was glorious - if Scotland was like this all summer no one would go abroad.
  2. Oban marina
    First ferry pic of the week.
  3. Inveraray
    Ludicrously pretty
  4. Crarae garden
    My family ditched me here because they thought I'd got bored after waiting 10 minutes and ditched them. How could I have with this view? I got bitten 15 times on my ankles while I patiently waited for them to realise and come back 😒
  5. Angus's garden, Taynuilt
    Wild natural garden. My dad made us walk all around the lake and we were very dubious as it said waterproof shoes were a must but it was fine and totally worth it.
  6. From the other side
  7. Oban
    Tiny boats are so photogenic
  8. Kerrera from Dunollie Castle
  9. Ferry!
    I think this was my favourite ferry pic of the trip
  10. Another ferry
  11. A ferry from the ferry!
    On our way to Mull
  12. Dunollie Castle from the ferry
  13. Eilean Musdile lighthouse
  14. Tobermory ❤️💛💙
    Even prettier than I expected
  15. The other side of Tobermory
  16. Viewpoint at the top of Mull
    Very windy!
  17. Calgary Bay
  18. Lip Na Cloiche garden
    This is just someone's back garden that's open to the public and it's almost vertical with great views. That's Ulva, an island that we do not speak of.
  19. Life goals really
  20. The end
    If you'd like to see more photos from this trip, I have plenty here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/diskant/dqTiev