Photos from Belfast (& beyond), Part 2

  1. We went on a bus tour around Antrim yesterday
    First stop: Carrickfergus
  2. The castle
    We didn't get to go in. On this evidence it seems wise.
  3. The scenery was amazing
    But no photos because I looked at it with my eyes, unlike the woman sitting next to me on the bus, who invaded my personal space constantly for two hours to take photos of every field and tree and council house through a reflective window. I wanted to punch her in the face. Why are people so awful?
  4. Carrick-a-Rede
    How ridiculous a colour is that water?
  5. Of course we went over the rope bridge
    It was less scary than expected but still pretty scary.
  6. Looking down!
  7. Hello Scotland 👋
  8. Lunch break at Bushmills distillery
    We were cheapskates and brought our own lunch.
  9. Quick photo stop at Dunluce Castle
  10. The main event: Giant's Causeway
    I've been to the other end at Staffa in Scotland, but it was still really impressive. Also incredibly windy.
  11. We did a walking tour with a local guide who was very entertaining
    He made my sister wear his coat and stick since it was her birthday!
  12. Nature is amazing
  13. And then we drove all the way back
    I had to sit with my sister to avoid photo crazy woman.
  14. Did you know light up balloons exist!?!
  15. Today we mostly just wandered around until it was time to fly home
    Also tacos, as recommended by Game of Thrones actors (we didn't see any)
  16. My flight got cancelled!
    But I got a £5 dinner voucher and a new later flight
  17. I enlisted the restaurant staff in helping me spend it as efficiently as possible
    20p over!
  18. Now I'm on the train and almost home, 7 hours after I left Belfast city centre 😩😴
  19. I will be back!