Pictures of me (that aren't photos)

My version of a selfie list. Also may help @Diplomatic_diva to recognise me on Friday 👋
  1. Watercolour pencils, self portrait
    Age 17
  2. Litho print, self portrait
  3. Steel etching plate, self portrait
    Age 19?
  4. Tracing paper and pens, self portrait
  5. Digital illustration by Joanna Zhou / Maqaroon
    Best way of getting bloggers to write about your new business ever
  6. Digital illustration by Kookizu
    She just did this because she's awesome. It's still my tumblr avatar
  7. Lego minifig
    From their pick and mix section
  8. Embroidery by Dandelyne
    Me and my sister commissioned this for my mum.
  9. Felt and embroidery by my sister
    Birthday gift
  10. Powerpuff Girl
  11. Chanrio by Sanrio
  12. And a load of different avatars