Publications I've subscribed to, chronologically 📂

Not many old drafts left now!
  1. Just Seventeen
    Your usual teen girl stuff but they also had some great writers that I still follow to this day. I read it right up to the final issue. (This cover is amazing)
  2. Melody Maker
    I always liked it better than the NME because they didn't hate pop music, plus they introduced me to riot grrrl. Of course it was then absorbed into the NME.
  3. Plan B
    Independent music magazine set up by Everett True and Steve Gullick and thus full of great writing and photos (and illustrations) all printed on that amazing thick paper that smells of ink. They even gave my band's demo a nice review and let us play at their event in Glasgow. I kept these for ages and then gave them all to a bunch of students.
  4. Fire and Knives
    Quarterly food journal that was always so interesting and intriguing that I would read it cover to cover. Great illustrations too. They all ghosted just after I renewed my subscription but I couldn't bring myself to feel annoyed about it. I still have them all.
  5. The Guardian
    My main source of news for a long time now, including the 5-10 years when I didn't watch TV. The majority of that has been through the app. Also has a lot of my favourite writers and is hated by Trump so I will keep paying.
  6. Astronomy Now
    When I got back into full on space nerdery. I learned a lot but it was aimed a bit too much at men with enormous telescopes in their gardens so I didn't renew.
  7. Wanderlust
    Travel magazine that is always interesting but makes me want to visit every single place. They were piling up a bit so I cancelled when I was saving for Japan last year but I still buy it occasionally.
  8. Delicious
    I mostly subscribed for the free gift (Le Creuset!) and after a while I started getting deja vu over the repetitive content. Also I like the free Waitrose magazine better