1. I bought this bunny lamp in 2011 with my Christmas money
    And then I almost returned it because it's actually a nightlight and not very bright but it was too cute and I kept it.
  2. Once I had my own flat I put it in the hallway
    When I have guests I leave it on overnight so they can find their way to the bathroom.
  3. But it got smashed up yesterday when I had electricians in 😭😭😭
  4. And in an unbelievable state of affairs, glued back together badly in the hope that I wouldn't notice 😡
    Oh yes, great job. How did I ever notice? Maybe you could have at least washed your hands first?
  5. I'm so upset! Not just that it was broken and covered up, but that it's been put back together so terribly and now I can't even try to have it fixed properly. I'm sure my dad could have fixed it so that I didn't want to cry looking at it.
  6. Obviously I have reported it to my leasing agents and landlord but I can't prove anything so I'm not expecting much. They're being lovely though.
  7. Unfortunately the lamp is now £70 so I can't really afford to replace it, though I might be able to claim through my insurance.
  8. So RIP bunny lamp! You were adorable ❤😥
  9. I forgot to update you all! The electricians did deny it but my landlady was so sympathetic that she gave me £60 towards a new lamp 😊
    I'm going to order it next week so it will feel like getting an extra birthday present 🙃