Scottish Delicacies

None of these are made up, I'm both proud and sorry to say.
  1. Tunnocks Teacakes
    So beloved we put giant dancing ones in the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony
  2. Top Hat
    An ice cream cone with a Tunnocks snowball on top. A must-do when visiting the Isle of Bute. I ate this one in the rain, because Scotland.
  3. Irn Bru
    Luminous orange fizzy pop made from girders (until advertising regulators stepped in)
  4. Butteries
    Kind of like a compressed croissant made from lard which in my family you then top with butter and cheese for extra lard. Only to be eaten in the North East - they don't travel well.
  5. Square sausage
    Easier to fit in a roll. I crave this every six months and then the gallon of fat that appears in the dry frying pan puts me off again.
  6. Macaroons
    Not to be confused with French macarons or English macaroons, ours are made from mashed potato mixed with a mountain of icing sugar, covered in chocolate and coconut.
  7. Tablet
    Basically an easier way to eat an entire bag of sugar.
  8. Orkney Fudge
    It's softer and creamier than most fudge. Popular in cheesecake too.
  9. Soor Plooms
    Sour boiled sweets. Impossible to say without using an exaggerated comedy Scottish accent.
  10. Cullen Skink
    The best soup made with smoked haddock, potatoes and cream.
  11. Stovies
    If you want to start a fight in Scotland ask a group of people from different regions what stovies are and sit well back.
  12. Deep fried Mars Bar
    Only tourists buy these, though they are apparently amazing.
  13. Pizza Crunch
    A battered, deep-fried pizza. Your vegetarian option at chip shops.
  14. Munchy Box
    For indecisively unhealthy eaters.
  15. Haggis
    A shy highland animal with two legs shorter than the others for running sideways up mountains. Traditionally eaten on Burns Night with neeps, tatties and whisky. Drawing by my excellent pal Neil Slorance.