Some more secret than others. I just like surprises!
  1. A new Pinterest account for Super Cute Kawaii ✔️
    This was only a secret because I didn't want anyone to follow it while I repinned 2000 images from the old board we were using.
  2. My August paper craft tutorial ✔️
    Ice cream! Published today. A Year of Paper Craft Projects ✂️
  3. A collaboration zine with one of my best friends
    We've been talking about it for years and I think it's actually going to print this weekend!
  4. Some new cut and sew fabric projects for my Spoonflower store
    I made my mum do most of the sewing for the samples but I need to finish them off.
  5. My 10 year anniversary surprise boxes
    Lots to design and order! Things are starting to arrive now and it's hard not sharing photos, but then it wouldn't be a surprise box.
  6. Halloween products 👻
    Even for me, it feels a bit early to share anything yet
  7. An actual secret project that I'm not allowed to talk about yet 🤐
    It's quite exciting though