Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva and everyone else
  1. New Balance trainers
    These were expensive for me but still going strong 18 months later! I love the colour combination.
  2. Teva sandals
    I wear sandals for a surprisingly large percentage of the year, considering I live in Scotland. These are a bit ugly but really walkable.
  3. Birkenstocks
    I've had these forever - maybe 10 years? Great for a quick run to the post office or putting the bins out.
  4. Custom Keds
    With my own vintage buttons design! For when I need a nice shoe.
  5. Plueys 'Sew Cute' rain boots
    Also designed by me. Used more as snow boots though it hasn't really snowed enough for a few years.
  6. Boden fox slippers
  7. I should probably just throw away all my other shoes as I never wear them.