Me and my sister have been exchanging daily gifts all month and it's been super fun. Here's everything I got.
  1. We bought ourselves chocolate advent calendars to save on postage
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  2. Chocolate snowman
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  3. Button tree ornament kit
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    It took me days to actually make this but it's so cute!
  4. Plasters/bandages with a character that looks like me
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  5. Saturn sticky notes
    Afe7d35e febe 4f5c 9412 80f520377aaa
  6. Pac-man pencil topper
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  7. Noodoll bunny notebook
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  8. An m to decorate
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  9. Melody Pops!
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    It's a whistle AND a lollipop
  10. Snowman wash mitt
    41f49970 e33b 4e23 b58d f44f5036a935
  11. Constellation tattoos
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  12. Puccho Japanese sweets
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  13. Cross stitch kit
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  14. Tiny sprout paper plates
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  15. Christmas tree spinning top
    52e1f532 7ba9 43a4 aa95 71f5d97e93eb
  16. Space stickers
    7b620f8f 61e8 4697 a2d1 8283a48c5a05
  17. Cookie scented pencils
    29bbf9c7 13cd 4ade a1c5 7866bb0ab1d5
  18. Rilakkuma Rement miniatures
    30ed9910 91f1 4e61 be32 a61234f5ec4e
  19. Bunny brooch
    33cc6984 1dfd 4da4 9bb9 dd0276c65f9b
  20. Bento picks
    C0d5b213 c1d4 4cbc b165 38826018cd4d
  21. Space stamps
    A8ec9747 3e11 4ec9 beae 7e47420d2166
  22. Gingerbread man socks
    D60a9f06 061d 462b a210 cceef914c11a
  23. A sad ghost bunny plush
    Fff3961e e6cb 4550 a31f 995a750eb33d
    All my favourite things!
  24. Bunny bubbles
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    Even the bubble wand is carrot-shaped
  25. Ricecrunch plush
    Ef8642b3 eb9b 4eb4 b69d d246b65ea9a9
    The carrot. The pineapple is my sister's