Inspired by @Veronique and others
  1. My name is Marceline
  2. My mum named me, after this song
    I only heard this last year, thanks to the wonder of the internet. I guess she didn't like it enough to own a copy?
  3. I never liked my name much when I was younger as I was shy and it drew too much attention to me.
    It's annoying when people nickname you without permission or always call on you in class to show off that they remember your name.
  4. Also you really don't get anything at all with my name on.
    Even my sister got a few things (she's called Nicolette) but I got nothing unless it was handmade. Now I have this brooch!
  5. It's been useful as I got older though
    Easy to get my username first and easy to google. If anyone wants to contact me, it's extremely easy.
  6. I used to be the most famous Marceline on the internet! Until this happened
    Adventure Time fans made my life a misery for a couple of years. It's not so bad now but I still can't post on my tumblr. ANNOYING THINGS ADVENTURE TIME FANS HAVE MESSAGED ME
  7. Until recently, if you ever saw a Marceline thanked on a record it was probably me
    I've even had my name stamped into the runout groove of an album!
  8. I've never met anyone else with my name
    Though there are definitely a lot of stupid Marcelines out there 🙄 EMAILS I HAVE RECEIVED FOR OTHER MARCELINES WHO DON'T KNOW THEIR OWN EMAIL ADDRESSES
  9. I'm always delighted when people spell my name correctly without asking
    Bill Drummond. Hero
  10. My Dutch family all have interesting names
    My Oma was called Petronella! Elly for short ❤️
  11. My Scottish family hand down the same simple names through the generations
    I like that too.
  12. I'm fine with my name now, but you can call me any of these: FAVOURITE NICKNAMES I'VE BEEN GIFTED