I feel like I've been spending all my time recently complaining about how busy and cold and tired and sore I am so here's a reminder that my life is generally awesome.
  1. I had an amazing day at the Etsy Made Local market
    My favourite part is watching people smile when they see my stall full of happy things 😊
  2. I bought a cute pot 😍
    From my Etsy neighbour. A Christmas present for the only IKEA cactus that didn't die.
  3. My sister sent me a chocolate letter
    Dutch childhood feels
  4. My work secret Santa got me a nice gift
    And my recipient loved what I gave!
  5. I got my my li.st Secret Santa parcel shipped out!
    The lady at the post office was impressed by all the cute stickers I put on it so hopefully it will be well received 😊
  6. Everyone suddenly decided to send me gifts
    I am fairly emotional due to lack of sleep but I was still 😭😭😭
  7. My website is now at askingfortrouble.co.uk
    I have been meaning to change from .org for literally 7 years and I finally did it! It's a little risky because of rankings etc but most people find me through social media or Etsy now so it should be okay.
  8. Both my parents are visiting!
    My mum came down to help me at the market and I'm shopping with my dad tomorrow.
  9. I booked my train ticket up north for Christmas 🎄
    I think I booked on to the same train as my sister's from London so we'll have a few hours to catch up.
  10. I have these gingerbread men
    Though they're kind of too cute to eat.