Inspired by everyone - @andersun's was the first one I read.
  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine S4
    Christmas episode which was pretty terrible (especially in February) but I still laughed a lot. I hear it's DOUG JUDY next week 👍
  2. The Great Pottery Throw Down
    Bake Off might have been killed off but we still have the ceramics version. Already amazing - the male judge is so emotionally invested that he cries every week and a Vietnamese cage fighter made a clock inspired by Howl's Moving Castle.
  3. Further Back in Time for Dinner
    Social history show where a (delightfully normal, intelligent and drama-free) family find out what it's like to live through the decades 1 year per day. They're doing 1900-1950 this series and the addition of a housemaid has made it even more interesting.
  4. Apple Tree Yard
    I will give most BBC Sunday evening dramas a chance and this was quite a good thriller though a bit too many Big Shocking Twists! The ending was 🙄
  5. 10 Cloverfield Lane
    I liked it but it did feel like two entirely different films badly joined together.