I haven't been anywhere in over a month so it was nice to see things in real life.
  1. Paperchase: pink coffee cup
    The perfect size and I had a 20% off coupon. I already love it so much I'll have to get another one.
  2. + push pins
    I was unimpressed with the push pin selection and then spotted these when I was in the queue. Colourful!
  3. Primark: Pusheen cushion
  4. + a Miffy t-shirt
    Sold as pyjamas but I'm totally wearing it outside.
  5. Monorail: the new Mogwai album
    Special white vinyl Glasgow only edition. It even came with this signed pack of postcards, another addition to MY UNINTENTIONAL AUTOGRAPH COLLECTION
  6. M&S: a lot of food
    It's been far too long. I may have bought cheesecake AND cake (and scones)
  7. Cass Art: Pens
    My black sharpie ran out and it's actually been hard to cope, but this is two pens in one! I bought the same brand of drawing pen again - I didn't like any of the others.
  8. And I also looked at the iPhones to decide what to upgrade to since my contract is up. New 7 arriving soon!📱