Things I'm into this month - April 2017

Forced into the rolling list. I'LL MANAGE
  1. The Good Wife
    It's annoying that no one told me to watch this because I can only blame myself for how completely addicted I am. I've watched like 30 episodes in a week? So good.
  2. Picross e7
    Also addicted to this. This series is my perfect puzzle game and I get so excited when there's a new one. The new 3D version looks fun too.
  3. Limited edition Pocky
    I finally ate the Brazilian Orange Pocky I got in Japan last year (really nice!), got some Fancy Orange Peel Pocky (not actual name but super fancy) and BUNNY POCKY! I don't even like strawberry flavour but the packaging was too cute to resist.
  4. Picross 3D Round 2
    I caved and bought it even though I haven't quite finished Picross 7 yet. The design is somehow even worse than the original 3D game but I'm still enjoying it.
  5. Doctor Who
    I love Bill and she's great with Capaldi and I really really don't want them to go!
  6. Easter, still
    EASTER FOREVER (until Halloween)