Things I'm into this month - November 2016

This got random fast..
  1. Planet Earth 2
    It's like the BBC were saving this in a cupboard until things got really rough. Barely a moment that isn't astounding.
  2. Animal Crossing Welcome Amiibo
    Why Nintendo are amazing pt 786: releasing a FREE update for a 3 year old game with so many new features that it almost makes it into a whole new game! The campground is so cute and I can't wait to try some amiibo stuff now my fancy new DS is here.
  3. Worlds Collide book tour
    Rainbow Rowell and Leigh Bardugo did a little joint book tour and I went to the Edinburgh date. It was SO MUCH FUN. The highlight was their dramatic readings of each others books - Leigh's Baz was completely hilarious. Sadly I didn't get to meet Rainbow as the line was so long but the organisers got my book signed and posted it back ❤️
  4. Rainbow Rowell's escaped cat
    If you've not been following this saga on Twitter you're really depriving yourself. Spoiler: it has a happy ending.
  5. Enamel pins
    Still. Look at my cute collection!
  6. Pumpkin Meowchi
    The best thing I've bought since Japan
  7. Fancy IKEA LED lightbulbs
    They have attachments so you can use them on ye olde British light fixtures! I endangered my life repeatedly by balancing on a stepladder on a table (tenement flats 😫) to change all mine and am now constantly delighted by how bright the rooms are.
  8. Krispy Kreme
    I was so excited when they opened in Glasgow until I discovered they'd ditched my favourite maple iced rings. But they're back, with glitter!
  9. The weather
    It's horribly cold but super bright and clear with so many perfect sunsets in a row that I stopped going to look.
  10. The local paper
    Killing it with great headlines lately.