I've had an amazing time in Japan but I'm also getting a little homesick.
  1. My bed
  2. Catching up on all my TV shows
    I have four episodes of everything!
  3. Coffee and tea
    I had to give up caffeine years ago and decaf is not really a thing in Japan. Nor is proper British tea.
  4. Cooking
    3 weeks of conbini snacks and restaurant food is starting to get a little tedious. Will be nice to get back to my kitchen.
  5. Marks & Spencer
    I'm so British.
  6. Conversations
    Three weeks of miming and bowing and mangled Japanese + one Skype chat! I've probably forgotten how to talk.
  7. Working
    I love all my jobs and can't wait to get back to designing and packing orders and blogging and everything.
  8. The seafront
    I miss this view