I know not everyone can afford my products so I occasionally make things for free.
  1. Desktop and mobile wallpapers
    I made these every month last year and this year so there are tons, with or without a calendar. There's matching printable planners too.
  2. Easter Bunny garland 🐰
    I just put this back up on my mantelpiece
  3. Halloween garland 🎃👻
    I have this up from September to March
  4. Cookie Cute garland 🍪
    My most popular freebie
  5. Snow Day garland ☃🎄
    You can also use all these garlands as decorations, gift tags, ornaments etc.
  6. Angel Bunny Gets Lost
    A mini comic about my sidekick.
  7. Pumpkin on your head
    An illustrated zine about things I've worn on my head.
  8. 10 Unique Things to do in Tokyo
    An illustrated article I wrote for a friend's zine
  9. 9 Days in Thailand zine
    All about my hilariously fun trip there.
  10. What I Wore
    Collecting 2 years of monthly outfit drawings
  11. Very out of date Guide to Glasgow
    A lot of it is still fairly relevant.
  12. 10 Years of diskant
    Collection of articles from the music/pop culture website I used to run.
  13. Christmas gift tags
    Save them for later!
  14. Cookie Cute Christmas cards
    You can use these to make gift tags too.
  15. Enjoy!