They say possession is nine tenths of the law
  1. Hairdryer
    If the previous tenants at 148 had come back and asked for the hairdryer they left, I'd have made them take all those random bricks too.
  2. Set of IKEA knives
    If it's not listed on the inventory, it's fair game.
  3. Hammer
    The previous owner of our flat left an entire workshop of tools, presumably to fix all his bodged DIY.
  4. Plastic bin
    I liked the bin in one of my rented bedrooms better than mine so I switched them when I left.
  5. Knife, fork and spoon
    I took these from my dad's cutlery drawer when I left for art school and I still use them 20 years later.
  6. ANA teaspoon
    Pocketed during my third flight to Japan. If I get a plastic teaspoon next time, I'm going to feel guilty.
  7. Coffee cup
    The coffee cups in my art school canteen were the perfect size and shape and it's not like they were going to sell me one.