Things I've been into this month - June 2017

  1. Japan season on BBC4
    This has been 100% awesome. A four part series on Japanese art in nature, architecture etc. It was a thinly-disguised excuse for the presenter to go to Japan and see all his favourite artworks in person, thus brilliant and enthusiastic. Also a fascinating and lovely 3 part series on how kimonos, ceramics and samurai swords are still made in the traditional way. And a Hokusai documentary 🌊
  2. Saint Etienne - Home Counties
    As always they manage to sound both nostalgic and timeless. I've barely been listening to anything else since this came out. It takes a few listens to sink in but I love that it's a complete album and I never feel like skipping tracks.
  3. Girls
    Two seasons behind, as always, and once again forgetting how funny this show is. Shoshanna in Japan was really fun too.
  4. Silicon Valley
    Also two seasons behind - why do HBO wait a whole year to release the DVDs? This is still hilarious but also kind of wearying. Jared continues to be the best thing about this ❤️
  5. Doctor Who
    😭🤖😭🤖😭🤖😭🤖😭 This has been my favourite season ever and the only time I've ever resisted a regeneration. I don't want them to go! Is it Christmas yet?
  6. Ritter Sport
    My local supermarket had some on clearance and then I ordered some from Germany and I definitely need to do a list once I've tried them.
  7. My new hat
    Isn't it CUTE?! I've been looking for a summer hat for ages and this is perfect.
  8. Hello Kitty x Jaws
    I thought I was done being surprised by Hello Kitty but I never expected this collaboration. Exclusive to Universal Studios Orlando - please get me something if you go.