Not that much really - I've been busy.
  1. Star Wars Rebels
    This is good! The new characters are all pretty great and there's lots of classic Star Wars villains.
  2. The Red Turtle
    I found a crab gif! I still have the main soundtrack theme stuck in my head nearly a week later so it's safe to say this made an impression on me. Whatever you do, don't watch the spoilery trailer - watching the story unfold so unexpectedly was one of the best things about it.
  3. The Good Wife
    I watched the whole thing in nine weeks! It was a lot of fun with some brilliant recurring guest stars. I loved it a lot until the back end of S5 when it turned into the very repetitive Alicia story. The only things keeping me watching after that were Alan Cumming's facial reactions and Diane's outfits. The gifs shows are disappointing - someone do a list.
  4. The Good Fight
    Yes, I watched this simultaneously as it's on UK TV weekly. It was kind of fun finding out everyone's back story as I went along. It's a bit too similar to TGW but worth watching.
  5. The Americans
    Very slow season but I still mostly loved it. Hoping things ramp up a lot in the final season though.
  6. Picross 3D Round 2
    This has been excellent value as I've been playing it daily for over a month. Once I finished all the puzzles I watched through the credits as trained and it unlocked like another 50 puzzles!
  7. This cat
    Corocorocoronya. He often sits inside bread as well. Never change, San-x