Things I've been into this month - September 2016

What I'm not into: how cold it suddenly got.
  1. Master of None
    Why did I wait so long to watch this? So so good.
  2. Great British Bake Off
    Added poignancy with it being the last series now that Channel 4 have ruined everything forever. No spoilers but I am firmly on Team Selasi & Benjamina.
  3. Veep S4
    Always 18 months behind on HBO shows. I'll never love Veep as much as The Thick of It but it must have the highest joke per minute rate of any show.
  4. Kubo and the Two Strings
    We saw this in Belfast and loved it. I wasn't expecting it to be so Japanese or the animation to be stop motion. Go see! It's beautifully animated and the story is good too.
  5. Bridge of Spies
    Can Mark Rylance just be in everything? He's so great. This ticked a lot of my boxes: spies, Cold War, DDR so I liked it a lot. Do you think Tom Hanks ever gets bored of playing the same character over and over?
  6. Pokémon Go
    I'm still into this, even if it often thinks I am standing in the sea. Catching Pokemon makes walks a lot more interesting.
  7. Samezu
    My sister loves sharks and I found this amazing Japanese comic book on Amazon Japan for her birthday. It's absolutely hilarious. Check out moha_arimura on Instagram.
  8. KeepCup
    My Iona friends sell these with their logo on and I was won over after seeing them in use for half a day. Kept my tea so hot I had to take it on the ferry with me! Looks super nice too with the glass and cork. I got grey because I have the most boring favourite colour ever.
  9. Enamel pins
    I splurged on a few this month for my collection. This was the first to arrive, from I Like Cats 😻
  10. Amuse Ferret plush
    I don't really like ferrets but HOW CUTE IS THIS FACE? Proof that Japan can make anything adorable.
  11. Halloween Koala's March biscuits 🐨🎃
    Fulfills my Halloween snack requirements: fun packaging, looks spooky, no stupid 'scary' flavours (they're chocolate)