5 DAYS until I close for Christmas and no longer have to deal with people who don't know their own address 🎄
  1. The giggling squeal my Rowlet makes when I skritch his head
    I guess he's ticklish. This makes me laugh just thinking about it
    Your unboxing lists are bringing me so much joy! What an amazing group of people we have here.
  3. Secret Santa anticipation
    Both for my recipient's reaction and my own parcel (if it arrives before I go up north)
  4. Caffeine free Diet Coke
    Is this the most pathetic addiction ever recorded?
  5. A tin full of these biscuits
  6. My Christmas decorations
    It makes things so cosy. Glad I took the time to put them up.
  7. That's it. Everything else is stressing me out 😣