This is how you reward customer loyalty 👏

Usually it's new customers that get all the free stuff, but not this time!
  1. I got two surprise packages this week from who are celebrating their 10 year anniversary
    They're a printing company that makes lots of fun products.
  2. This was in the first parcel
    It says I was one of their first customers back in 2006 and have ordered every year since! I had no idea.
  3. Plus a beautiful notebook, all prettily packaged
  4. It lies flat, has different types of pages, a ribbon bookmark and a little pocket!
  5. This appeared when I peeled off the paper to stick the pocket on 🙂
    Best words to see on a package
  7. Another pretty package
  8. Full of cupcakes! 😍
    For my cake-iversary
  9. Aren't they pretty?
    I may have eaten three already...
  10. It's so nice to be thanked like this out of the blue and definitely makes me want to order more in future.
    Especially because STICKERS!
  11. I also read recently how Moo commission a felt version of all their employees after 2 years - so awesome
  12. YAY!