Sorry I couldn't answer your actual request! I haven't spent much time in those areas but here's how I've researched my own trips.
  1. If you like kawaii, crafts, art, shopping, food, animals and fashion
    I just published a new guide with over 200 things to do:
  2. If you're on a budget
    Tokyo Cheapo is a great site with weekly free events listings and lots of useful articles. Their ebook guide is excellent too:
  3. If you're getting off the usual tourist route and want some regional ideas
    This blog - - covers a couple's multiple trips all over Japan. It's so good and full of detailed info.
  4. If you want to live like Harajuku icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu for a day
  5. If you're a hipster into architecture, design, coffee and menswear
    Monocle's guide was written just for you! There are also some good essays and walking tours for the rest of us.
  6. If you've never visited Japan before and wonder whether it's hard to figure everything out
    I self-published a whole book about my first three trips with daily diaries, photos, illustrations and tips. It's available as a paperback or PDF on my website (and as an ebook):
  7. If you're just starting your plans
    I've been blogging about how I'm organising my next trip from 8 months to take off:
  8. If you want more blogs and useful websites to read
  9. There's even more Japan stuff on my blog
    My favourite shops + links, apps, reviews, interviews and more:
  10. Hope this helps! Feel free to send me more list requests if you're visiting Japan.
    I promise to list A LOT while I'm there next month.