For @brittmaag. I've done this for blogs as I've been running a popular one for 7 years, but most of this applies to magazines too.
  1. DO research suitable blogs to submit to
    Ask your buyers and fans what they read, google your keywords, see where your peers/competitors are getting features.
  2. DO read the blog and get a feel for what content they post
    Do they mostly post individual products or themed round-ups or shop features or interviews. If there are multiple writers, is there one that your work would especially appeal to?
  3. DO become part of the community
    I often recognise submissions as people who regularly comment or like things on social media and it does help (if your products aren't awful)
  4. DO make sure you're ready
    We like to see a good range of products with a clear focus. Organise international shipping and display your social media accounts.
  5. DO be original
    We see a lot of the same stuff and a LOT of fan art (way too much). Show me something I haven't seen before and I'm much more likely to get excited about featuring you.
  6. DO take good photos
    This is one of the top reasons I reject submissions. I see so many amazing things, but if your photos are blurry, dark, tiny or have a massive watermark over the product, I just can't use it. You don't need fancy equipment. Just find the best spot in your home, be prepared to wait for decent weather and learn a bit about photo editing.
  7. DO follow any submission guidelines
    If there is a page like this, it's because they've been driven to it by idiots. You wouldn't believe how many submissions I get that start "I know you don't feature Kickstarters but...". Guess what? I delete them all.
  8. DON'T be a dick
    I once got a submission from someone who I remembered as leaving an unnecessarily mean comment on Instagram pointing out a very minor mistake. Guess what? I deleted that too!
  9. DON'T write a novel
    I don't need your life story. Just tell me what you do and why your products are special. If I can't figure out the rest from your shop, you're doing something wrong.
  10. DON'T submit to multiple sites at the same time
    This might seem like a good idea, but we all want original content. If I've seen your work on another blog recently I'll probably save it for later. Start with your favourite site and give them a week before submitting anywhere else.
  11. DON'T expect a reply
    You might get one, but bloggers are busy so you might not even know you're being featured until you see the post. Definitely don't send a 'did you get my email?' email. That will usually backfire.
  12. DO try again
    Not being featured doesn't always mean I hated your work. I might be saving it for a seasonal or themed post or have forgotten about it. Either way, make new, better things and try again in a month or so.
  13. DO make the most of the promotion
    If you do get featured, share the post on your own social media. Start a press page on your website and include a screenshot and link back. Even if the feature doesn't bring you tons of sales, this all helps with your Google rankings and customer trust.
  14. DO say thank you
    Leave a comment on the post or send a quick email. If you're nice, I'll likely remember you for future features.
  15. Let me know if you have any questions!
  16. And if you make or sell cute things, feel free to submit your shop to Super Cute Kawaii