I almost forgot! Though it's been a very boring month for TV.
  1. Deutschland 83
    Again. I miss this so badly! It got increasingly dark over the last few episodes but still very funny in places. Apart from a few ludicrous escapes and some meddling with history, they mostly pulled it off. Looks like it was popular enough overseas that they'll get to make more, yay!
  2. Mad Men
    I finally watched the final half season! I'm not a big fan and at this point I'm mostly in it for Roger, Peggy, Sally and Pete. They all got great stuff so I'm happy. I liked the ending fine too.
  3. Fringe
    There's been so little worth watching that I started a Fringe rewatch as I haven't seen it since it ended. I love this show so much! It's so underrated, I guess because the first season is a bit generic and X-Files-y, but it has amazing characters and has enormous fun playing with the alternate universes and the whole television format. I could talk about Fringe for hours. Where are my fellow fans?
  4. Northern Ballet: 1984
    A mention for this as I started out half watching it and by half way through I was transfixed. Who knew 1984 would make a good ballet? I really love when ballet staging uses video screens and that's obviously perfect for Big Brother. It reminded me a lot of The Most Incredible Thing, the ballet scored by Pet Shop Boys that I was lucky to see in person. Anyway, it's on iPlayer if you're in the UK.