Bit of a quiet month.
  1. Deutschland 83
    I love a spy drama, especially when it involves the Cold War. This is a German production and fairly fluffy compared to something like The Americans but I'm enjoying it a lot. The 80s stuff is great - both the reactions of our young spy hero to capitalist excess and the East Germans spending three episodes trying to find a way to read these new-fangled floppy disks. Hoping it sticks the ending (unlike London Spy's fiasco).
  2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    YESSSS! So good to have it back. ❤️
  3. Travel Man
    Richard Ayoade goes on various mini breaks with fellow comedians who try not to just spend the entire trip giggling at everything he says. Always involves the weirder tourist attractions, confused locals and some actually decent tips. The episode where he went to Vienna with Chris O'Dowd was possibly more entertaining than the IT Crowd reunion episode.
  4. The Story of Scottish Art
    Finally got to finish this and I feel like I learned more in four episodes than my six years of art history classes. It's presented by painter Lachlan Goudie who wanders around our amazing Scottish landscapes enthusing about art from standing stones to present day, all while sketching away in his sketchbook. Should really have been titled The Story of Scottish Painting though; there wasn't much of anything else.
  5. Sherlock
    Yes it was indulgent meta-nonsense but I don't care! I will take any Sherlock in any form and enjoyed the hell out of this.