1. Space Brothers
    I hope to visit the JAXA space facility in Tsukuba during my Japan trip and I was recommended this Japanese anime series as a lot of it is set there. It's about a guy who decides to apply to be an astronaut to follow his brother who is training to go to the moon. The story has flashbacks to when they were space nerd kids as well as tons of cool astronaut training stuff plus lots of the usual amusing anime subplots. It's streaming on Crunchyroll.
  2. The Night Manager
    Blah blah John le Carré, BBC, Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston etc. etc. If you're in the UK and not watching this, you may as well apply for a refund on your TV license. It is pretty great although rather implausible at times. Also way too many arty shots of sunrises and slowly crawling insects. Special props to Hugh Laurie who is terrifying and Tom Hollander who is hilarious (and terrifying).
  3. The People vs OJ Simpson
    I wasn't initially convinced, thinking it was very trashy but now I see that was deliberate and it's becoming more and more serious. As a Brit, this wasn't as huge a deal here so I only know the general details and I'm continually horrified. Every time I think they're going over the top it turns out that really happened.
  4. The Americans
    So excited this is back! One of the most tense and unpredictable shows ever. Can't wait to see how this season plays out.
  5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Shout out as I laughed so much during the latest Pontiac Bandit escapade that I realised I can never watch this show in company as I would completely embarrass myself. ❤️
  6. And 🚨 Richard Ayoade klaxon 🚨
    Travel Man is back