I usually do this on my blog but this is a much better format. Thanks Listapp!
  1. Doctor Who
    I love Capaldi in everything and he is now definitely my favourite Doctor ever. Last season was pretty great, but this year has been non-stop awesome, especially with all the two parters. Can’t wait for next week. Except my mum is visiting so I probably will have to.
  2. London Spy
    The word “gripping” is over-used when it comes to drama but I can’t take my eyes off the screen for the full hour. I don’t trust anyone and I have NO IDEA what is going on and yet I feel like any conclusion (or inconclusive ending) will be satisfying and earned, almost even if it’s all dream - some of the sets are implausibly theatrical. If you like your drama on the surreal side and full of dread then make sure to see this. Warning: it also somehow makes Ben Whishaw unappealing.
  3. The Great Pottery Throw Down
    I was expecting to watch the first ten minutes, scoff heartily and move on, but ceramics is so interesting! The timed competitive aspect doesn’t really work as well as with the Bake Off and Sewing Bee as everyone has different styles and it makes me sad when they don't have time to finish their work. Please do printmaking next.
  4. The Bridge
    Borgen (RIP) is my favourite Scandi-drama, but The Bridge is a close second. Saga is such a brilliant character and the new Martin is almost as much fun. As usual it is packed full of red herrings, seemingly unconnected characters and beautiful overhead shots of Sweden and Denmark but I’m just along for the ride. Tak!
  5. The Secret History of the British Garden
    I find Monty Don intensely annoying but I will put up with a lot for aerial footage of formal gardens and historical stories. As someone who tries to visit botanical gardens around the world, I am enjoying this a lot and now wishlisting books about the plant hunters.
  6. Fargo
    Not loving it quite as much as season 1 (I miss Molly and Malvo), but still so great and much funnier than it has any right to be.
  7. Alias
    At this stressful time of year, I often turn to Alias, my second favourite TV show ever. I’ve made it all the way through to S5 in 4 weeks and surprisingly didn’t stall in the middle of S4 when it all gets a bit dull (Nadia, you are so boring and WHERE IS SARK? He is in like 2 episodes, such a waste). This rewatch I have really been appreciating Jack Bristow and his excellent staredowns and withering insults. Go spy daddy.